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We know how devastating is to be back to what used to be your home, the sudden loss, and memories...

but life must go on! and you’re facing now many new challenges such as temporary living arrangements, navigate your insurance claim toward a full, fair and prompt settlement, government aid, hiring professional help, and deciding how and if you will repair or rebuild your home.


with all the loss it is also an opportunity to build a home that you have always wanted, It could be overwhelming, but we’re here for you with many years of experience and expertise, we will take a lot of the burden out of your shoulders!



We offer Architectural and design packages tailored to your needs and budget, we also offer for wildfire victims a significant discount for fire rebuilds.



Unfortunately, in a major disaster, time is an important factor, remodeling and rebuilding demand will create a lack of materials, professional contractors and high costs.



Don’t Hesitate, call us now for a free consultation.

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